Game Name Change Issue

I have had some trouble trying to get my game onto twitch correctly. Originally the name contained a spelling mistake “Guadians of the past” however it’s supposed to read “Guardians of the Past” (Notice the missing “r”) I have contacted and been attempting to solve the issue with a member of staff from Giant Bomb with different solutions to sadly no avail. I managed to get them to change the name on their end but didn’t seem to update on twitch so The moderator removed the wiki and created a new one with the correct spelling. It is now an entirely new page but I have no idea how this will affect things on the twitch side of things.

The new wiki page can be found here

@DallasNChains it’s my understanding that you have some experience in this department from threads I have seen, I would be so grateful if you could shed some light on this. Sorry for the hassle.


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