Game ownership authorization after organization registration

Hello! :slight_smile:

We recently were able to finish registering our organization, Nexon, in order to create a Twitch Drops campaign. However, the registered organization didn’t have ownership autorhization for our game “The First Descendant” yet which we need as a next step to test our drops campaign.

We requested for game ownership authorization on Tuesday, October 3rd but we were notified that it will take approximately a week to get approval, and I was wondering if there is there any way to possibly get approval a bit faster. This is our very first drops campaign, and more time to test it out before it goes LIVE very soon will be very, very helpful for our team.

Also, I wanted to check if there was any additional proccesses of getting authorization/approval from Twitch after the game ownership authorization step. If so, we want to try and prepare for it beforehand. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your support!


With TwitchCon happening there is the likelihood of staff needing to work on that right now and so there may be delays with approval of game ownership and other 3rd party dev processes.

Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:

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