Game pulling in wrong tags on twitch

I’ve tried just about everything to resolve this issue on my own to no avail (including emailing twitch support) so this is kind of my last stop.

Basically our game ‘Gridiron’ is pulling in tags for a duplicate ‘gridiron’ which was a pinball game from the 80’s. Unfortunately for us, our game is not a pinball game… and when people look at our game on twitch or see their favorite streamer playing Gridiron, they will see it tagged as pinball.

Our game on Giantbomb:

I tried to claim ownership of ‘Gridiron’ but unfortunately, it doesn’t show anything but titles and there was only one Gridiron listed. And that was the pinball game. So while the box art looks great, not being able to manage tags is a huge problem.

Our game released to early access last week, and we intend to start ramping up our visibility on twitch. We may even want to take part in some bounties as we stabalize our game and have more content introduced.

This is kind of a critical time for us, and i’d love to get it squared away so any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Pinging some staff for you

Thanks Barry!

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