Game (Stormrite) missing from Steam after IGDB created a duplicate

So my game, Stormrite, was on Twitch and people were able to select it as a category, so everything was working. At this time I had also manually added Stormrite to IGDB, so when the migration from GiantBomb happened, Twitch automatically created a duplicate on IGDB with no information, just the capsule image. I then contacted IGDB support about this, and instead of repointing to the page I created myself, they deleted the Twitch created one, also removing Stormrite from Twitch. Is there any way I could get Stormrite back onto Twitch pls, using the current existing IGDB page as the reference?

You should seek support for this matter on the IGDB Discord which can be found on Support | Twitch Developers

Will do, thank you!