Game title for streams is wrong

Hi, im one of the developers at Tarhead studio. We are developing a game called RUiN we have a problem. When people that want to stream our game they usually show up as playing “Warrior’s Lair” instead.

So when you are at the dashboard set currently playing to “RUiN”, when you apply it will most likely set it to “Warrior’s Lair” instead. Is it because our game isnt fully released yet, anyone else have seen this kind of problem?

According to Giantbomb, Warrior’s Lair has an alias of Ruin (it was the working title of the game) hence the confusion:

Assuming this is your game it is currently listed as a stub so it will not be included in the directory. Once that is updated to a full article and Twitch imports the new data it might fix the issue.

I’m looking into this for you, @adeadrat. I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

any progress on this?

We’re looking into the fix now. Warrior’s Lair has the alias (and previous code name) Ruin, which is why you’re seeing this behavior. We have to get that association removed.

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