Gamemaker and using the follower JSON(solved)

For the last day or so I’ve been trying to get the twitch v5 API Json stuff to work with Gamemaker 2, mainly getting past the followers key into the user key so I can grab the ID
“follows”: [{
“user”: {
“_id”: “129454141”,

}(Just as an example)
I’ve looked a lot of places and have tried hours but I can’t find out a way to get the id. I’m able to output the amount of followers and the _cursor. Anyone experienced enough in Gamemaker to know how to do this? thank you and I’m sorry If I dont make much scene
[Edit] My problem was I didnt know follows was a list that held maps. Thank you to people on the YoYo games forums for the help.

Please restate and clarify which API endpoints you are using, what data your interested in collecting, and what seems to be preventing you from accessing that data from the API response.

My best guess here is that if you’re working with the API from Gamemaker, you’re writing GML. Have you tried using json_decode to transform the response data into an object you can traverse with GML?

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