/games/top - parameter "popularity"

Hey everyone,

After a long research I still couldn’t find the meaning of the parameter “popularity”, which you get when requesting for example the top 100 games.
Could anyone explain me what metrics or value lies behind?
Thank you in advance!


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The ‘popularity’ token is how many total viewers there are in that category. It may not be totally accurate as viewer numbers fluctuate and API is cached.

Example: Hearthstone in API has 'popularity":112789 and on the website, it says 113,190 viewers.

Hey Larklen,

Thanks for your answer!
I checked some responses and it seem to be right.
Though it confused me, because in the /games/top requests there is already a parameter “viewers”…
...{ "game":{ ..."name": "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft", "popularity":73012,...} ..., "viewers":73008 }...


Yeah, I am not too sure why there are two parameters that seem to be showing the same item (despite some variation between the two.)

Since 'popularity' is only seen in this endpoint, it may be there for the website/directory.

@DallasNChains - The 'popularity' token isn’t listed in the dev docs either (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/v3/games ) - is this something that light can be added to the docs? (Assuming its not already been added to the V5 docs we will see soon). It’s still present of V5 so I assume it is still being used in some fashion.

I’ll have to look into this and see what it means. Our APIs often call multiple services and aggregate their data into the public response. For example, this endpoint is likely getting popularity and viewer data from separate services, which is why you’d see a slight difference in value. Back with you as soon as I can!


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Necroing this thread. popularity is, indeed, the number of viewers.

@DallasNChains it’s strange though, because popularity doesn’t always exactly align with view. For instances last night I was looking at:

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Popularity: 62
Streamers: 11
Viewers: 748

which has low popularity and higher viewers. Also this,

Street Fighter V
Popularity: 914
Streamers: 38
Viewers: 872

which has slightly higher popularity than views.