Gathering Streamer Statistics

Hello, I am looking to gather some statistics on streamer followers and more through the API and I am curious as to whether I am allowed to store the information and present it? Is this against the T&C’s or allowed?

Places like socialblade do it. It’s a public API, the information can be queried at will. If you wanted to collect it every 15 minutes or so and graph it, I’m sure that is fine.

You should review the Twitch API Terms of Service before data mining:

Or not! I stand corrected. (in hindsight, I probably should have read this a long time ago) Someone should request it be added to as “terms” or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So basically I can pull the data about a twitch streamer but cant store it in a database or anything and can only keep it for no more than 24 hours?

I read them before writing the post but don’t entirely understand them. Section 12 mentions that I can’t store data so I presume I cant use a database with my website to store streamer stats correct? It also says I cant store data from twitch for more than 24 hours so I presume if I wanted to pull streamer follower data I would just have to pull the information straight from twitch and present it. Does presenting it on my website count as storing the information? Any help would be great thanks.

The line between what is and is not allowed isn’t very clear. A while ago I asked about storing viewer count information for I was told that is is not considered “channel and video-on-demand metadata” or “user data” so it is allowed; however storing something like email addresses from /user is not. Following/follower lists might be a gray area though.

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