Generate Twitch Payout Reports through API Requests?

Hi everyone!

I am currently founding a company that sells premium content to YouTubers, charging them through metered use based on their AdSense revenue. Before our full release, I would like to add Twitch support to our platform as well, charging streamers per-use based on their monthly revenue reports.

To do this through YouTube’s API, this is not a problem as you can access the financial reports for each individual upload programmatically with their access tokens, thereby allowing us to charge creators the proper amount based on their usage.

For Twitch, however, I can’t seem to find a way to access payout reports via API calls regardless of scope. Specifically, I’m looking the payout information and data available for export via the Creator Dashboard (see Customer Support). Has anybody done this before and is this even possible?

Thank you so much!!

There is no API support for this.

You need a uservoice -

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