Get a streams comments using twitch api

hey, i want to get the chat messages and reactions using the api.
i already know how to get the video api. thanks!

To get chat messages you need a connection to chat and join the channels you wish to receive messages from as documented here:

wdym by joining the channel?

Read the documentation I linked. It includes all of this, including specific sections on Joining a Chat Room

correct me if im wrong but it seems that said option is for a current live stream, i want to get the comments off a finished live stream

That’s correct. The only way to get Twitch chat is by receiving it in real-time as it happens. There are no API endpoints for retrieving historical chat.

even if its vod? so the only info i can get regarding the viewers off a vod is the view count?

As I’ve said, if you want to get Twitch Chat you need to connect to IRC and receive it as it happens. There are no API endpoints for retrieving historic chat messages.

And even if you do capture chat as it happens that still doesn’t relate to viewership as that’s just the users connected to chat and sending messages and may not mean they are a viewer, and similarly there will be viewers who are not connected to chat.

oh damn :frowning: , ive got to rework my entire project. thanks anyways! btw can u link me to the doc part for checking if a user is currently is live streaming?

The Get Streams endpoint will return data on streams that are currently live.

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