Get all Twitch videos from my channel

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Trying to get videos from channel by API with . But only 23 videos in response

Then you only have 23 videos

Since you censored your user id in your post I cannot go look at the API or your account to see what I think should be returned.

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user_id = ‘476540882’


  • 13 past broadcasts
  • 0 highlights
  • 0 uploads

The API shows (using the CLI command of

twitch api get ‘videos?user_id=476540882&first=100’

13 videos


I do not see an error/bug here.

So that’s all videos which available? What about older videos from previous months?

Please refer to this help guide about video retention policies

Basically: the the videos you are after no longer exist, they have been deleted.

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thx Man

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