Get all Xbox One channels using API

This question has been raised and answered already but the suggested endpoint: does not appear to match the results under the xb1 category on Twitch’s website:

Many channels are missing from the list provided by the API.

The PS4 category list provided by the api works perfectly:

I tried sce_platform=xb1 and variations to no success. Is there another hidden parameter that would allow the API to list all of the X1 channels?

Look like the directory is using xbox_heartbeat=true.

[generic disclaimer about it being undocumented and thus completely unsupported for 3rd party use]

I suspect the main reason why sce_platform didn’t work for xbox, is because sce is a sony entertainment abbreviation (Sony Computer Entertainment) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cool these endpoints exist, but I really wish they were more intuitive access.

this is exactly what i was looking for, Thank You!

Just to reiterate what george said, xbox_heartbeat is undocumented and therefore unsupported. It can change or be removed at any time without notice.

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