Get channel all videos

I want to get all the streamings that a user has made on his channel.

For this I am using the following endpoint:{user_id}&first=100&type=archive

With this I get the first 100 streamings of the user and to access the next 100 records I get the value of the variable “cursor” from the previous request and indicate it to the current request as follows:{user_id}&first=100&type=archive&after={cursor}

It turns out that this second request does not return anything and I find it strange since the user I am testing with has more than 100 streamings retransmitted.

Is there any limitation in the API?

What is the User ID you are trying?

I’m trying with this one: 83232866

It’s working fine here

This use only has 65 videos of type archive

But it returns a cursor anyway

Then “page 2” has no videos as expected

I checked this users actual Twitch page

Only has 65 past broadcasts

But if you see this link: you can see how this user started streaming since 2017, how can it be that the api does not return me this information?

Becuase past broadcasts do not last for ever
And may have been manually deleted.

See also, The VOD’s help article

Specifially: Archives/past broadcasts, at most last 60 days*

*Some exemptions apply for a longer period

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