Get channel ID for API requests


I need to get quantity of followers of my channel. I have got Cliend ID, it works ok, also looks like will do what I need. The problem is that I have no idea, where to get channel ID.

I have tried hoping I will get channel ID there, but it returns just some set of bytes I can’t understand.

I have tried, but that looks like doesn’t work any more. All other ways, I could found, require channel ID.

I have just registered, so I think some part of old API is not available for me.

How can I get channed ID or decode data received from


a call to

with a valid oAuth header returns the username and ID of the token passed, if you have authed.

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First doesn’t work for me, most likely that’s because I have just registered and some deprecated features are not available for me, but works fine, thanks a lot.

I have already found chrome extension to do that:

What deprecated features?

I’ve not linked to any.

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