Get Channel Points

I am creating a page in Next JS related to an event that will happen soon on Twitch Spanish, however I came up with the idea of making it a little more entertaining for visitors to the website and since the majority who will visit the page are recurring users of Twitch, I he asked. Is there a way to get the channel points that each user has?

I’m interested in knowing if you can get all the channel points that a user has every time they visit a page on Twitch or at least if you can get the channel points of a specific streamer. I think it would be almost impossible to manipulate those points even if you obtain the user’s permissions, but at least I would like to know if you can read the channel points that a user has, either in all of them or in a specific streamer.

No this is not supported

Feature requests (with use cases/reasoning) should be made to the user voice

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