Get Chat Rooms by Channel

sending a request that looks like

GET[user-id]/rooms HTTP/1.0
Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json
Client-ID: [client-id]
Authorization: Bearer [access_token]

returns an empty response even though i have 2 user created rooms (one for mods and one for everyone)

“_total”: 0,

im sending the scopes below during authorization


what are the possible reasons for this?
edit: i am using the user-id that was sent during GLOBALUSERSTATE via irc, but it is the same as the id from “” so that cant be the problem unless there is a user id i am missing?

This url, you have used

GET[user-id]/rooms HTTP/1.0

Suggests you are requesting the rooms for the user you have authenticated as.

Surely, you should be requesting the rooms for the broadcaster/channel, and you are authenticating as a different User? Or are you as a broadcaster trying to lookup the rooms on your own channel?

So you have authenticated as bob, and looking up bob’s rooms instead of authenticating as fred and looking up the rooms in bob’s channel?

As per the docs your scopes are “correct” as “any” scope will do.

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ok yea that seems like the problem. im completely overlooking the fact the app is a different user. thanks.

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