Get clips and start position

Hello, I’m need to get all channel clips links… And I was started with simple, did function to get my first 100clips, and i did it perfectly, but i had to stop on one issue… how to get clips, after 100 (with tags: time = all, popularity = false), I saw tag “cursor”, and by the exception method, I thought that this is what im need, but it sets a first requested var in request, as I understand it…
A double wiki(get clip refs and $samename+ v5) is so bad to “learning”…

How to get all channel clips[url] (More than 100)?
Or How to set ‘start index’ for Request of getclips (100+100. do sum, you know)?
Can it possible w\o clips deleting?
+also how it works, because i set trending=false, time=all, and output has a clips by viewers, probably… i’m not sure alot
ps sry for my bad english, я из расиси

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Solved with link, by last ‘Optional Query String Parameters’.

Я русский, не тупой :upside_down_face:

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