Get clips from current live stream

I can use GET to find the user’s most recent stream, and grab started_at, then use GET to find clips that were clipped after the stream’s start time, however this can still pick up newly created clips made from old vods.

Is there a relationship between the id in the streams response and the video_id in the clips endpoint response?

I’m guessing I need to run a query against GET using all the unique video_ids returned from the clips endpoint, and then filter out videos based on the created_at / duration fields to exclude clips from videos that predate the current stream start date?

No there is not

That sounds plausible yes

The id from the get streams endpoint corresponds to the stream_id in the get videos endpoint. It’s a bit roundabout, but you can start by getting the current stream’s id from get streams, then use get videos for that user and find the video with a matching stream_id.

That video’s id can then be used to filter through the get clips response for clips from that video.

The main limitation here is that the actual video has to be available during this process.

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