Get Clips returns empty

New to coding so bear with.

When I try to get clips for a user I get no data in the response. Ex:

I also found that I didn’t specify a scope for my token, so I suspect that may have something to do with it. Is there a scope that would be appropriate for getting clips for a given user? I see clips:edit in the list of scopes. Is there a clips:read as well? Or is this a separate issue? Thanks for the help.

Which broadcaster did you lookup/what is the API call you are making?

Apologies if I don’t use the right terminology. I’m very new so please correct me.

I tried a few different IDs, including Twitch’s ID which I know has clips, so I must be missing something. Here is the curl I’m using:

curl -X GET “” ^ -H “Authorization: Bearer ********************” ^ -H “Client-Id: *******************”

This returns data/pagination, so it seems it’s pointing the the right place, but there are no values. Do I need a different param instead of ID?

I WAS able to get a correct response with this using my same bearer/client-Id, so I know they at least work for this type of user data request:
curl -X GET “” ^ -H “Authorization: Bearer **************” ^ -H “Client-Id: *******************”

I did validate my token and it says “scopes”:null, which is why I thought that could be a factor, but yet I am able to use it for some calls it seems. Appreciate any help!

There is no clip of id 12826

Clip ID’s are the “slug” of the clip which are word like in nature.

If you want the clips of broadcaster/user 12826 then you’d call clips?broadcaster_id=12826

But 12826 returns no data as thats not a valid ID.

So for user Twitch of id 12826 an example clip has ID CrispyJollyGullHassaanChop-nPlLKGxGRcBj37e4

So it seems you tried to use id to get clips of the Twitch channel

Great, thanks. I was able to get the response of a specific clip using that clip ID.

I am trying to find clips for a given user, so I must’ve gotten the IDs confused. As you said I need to use broadcaster_id (I’ll have to go back through the documentation on how to find get broadcaster_id)

You already know:

A “broadcaster ID” is a “user ID” jsut labelled differently to help describe the two (or more) entities in a request/response

Ah! Finally got it to work. Continuing with Twitch as the example, got a response with data. Worked with others as well. Thanks!

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