Get current Chatter

is there in the meantime an alternative solution to to find out the current viewers or chatters?

I’m programming a bot for a streamer for a long time and we also have our own kind of stream avatars as well as own loyalty points, since the channel points are very restrictive.

The current problem is that the endpoint sends a GOAWAY frame more and more often, so I’m worried that this endpoint will soon disappear as well.

I hope someone has an idea how to solve this.

No thats the only way, we have a uservoice request for it here:

What do you mean “GOAWAY frame”?

Thanks, I upvoted it.

And I mean this by GOAWAY frame:

But I think I solved the problem, it was caused by the Java HttpClient. At least I didn’t get any error for the last 2h.

But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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