Get emote image by string

Hi! I am making a custom chat box window for my streaming overlay so I can add all sorts of random features to it. However, even though I used the call to get all the default emojis (I generated a custom json to save time), when someone types a sub emote it just returns as the default string (e.g. taykagGun or something). What would be the best solution to get the image url from the emote name? I am using both the URL api and tmi.js

If you are parsing a chat message

You would parse the tags of a chat message for the emotes object.

Which’ll give you the emoteID and the places in the string for that emote

Then you can construct the URL to the image

You can substitute 1.0 for 2.0 and 3.0 depending on what size you want.

Hmm; I assumed something like that. The object you are talking about is correct?

No the object I refer to is a chat “tag”

See emotes in the table

Okay; I am sort of confused. Say my messages are fetched through this:

twitchclient.on("chat", function (channel, user, message, self) {


I’ve looked through these 4 data points and nothing contains what you linked (I think)

Looks like you are using TMI.js you’d have to refer to their document for how to extract emotes/tags

So i somehow overlooked the part in the user data that literally specifies the emotes in the string… Sorry about that!
Thanks for your help though!

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