Get Followers Problem

I am developing a Telegram chat bot that will receive a user’s nickname, then I will check in my application whether this user is subscribed to me. I make a request to receive my followers via the following link*****, I pass the authorization, the answer comes, but instead of an array of followers who are subscribed, my array data is empty, but total shows the correct information. I checked several ways, for example, adding an additional user to the link to see if he is subscribed to my channel or not. But then, as if there were some problems with authorization, it says to me that I am not using the correct scope, although I am using the one that is written to me in the error. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I have an account nickname, that’s where I’m going to stream, and as broadcast_id I pass my id, is that correct?

To get the list of users requires:

  • a user token
  • a user token from a moderator or broadcaster of the broadcaster_id in question
  • that token needs the moderator:read:followers scope

Just to be clear followers are not subscribers

This sounds like you are using a client credentials token which represents no one can can’t have scopes.

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Thank you for so quick answer, I’ll try to do it this

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