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Hi, Im trying to get the game description via the api for the specified game
like in the image below

So for DayZ I’m trying to get the “DayZ is a gritty…” etc

That description is not present on all games and not presented in the API to consume.

Ahh thats a bugger…

Whats Twitchs stance on scraping ?
For example would I be able to do a 1 off scrape of the description on the games I’ve indexed on Twitchs site or would that be forbidden ?

Don’t do it.


The Alternative here is to use IGDB’s API

And I noted here, An easy way to go Twitch Category ID to IGDB Record

Twitch’s DB is powered from IGDB.
But these descriptions are “custom” set on some categories (perhaps by the developer).
But you can pull game descriptions from IGDB instead, and a wealth of other data

Great thanks for the help.
Thought it was best to ask instead of just doing it …

Will check out the api you suggested :slight_smile:

I tried to get the game data for DayZ from IGDB
Dayz game ID is 65632 ( from Twitch )
However when I test in Postman it wont pull anything for that ID or a few others Ive tested

Ok so its now pulling Mafia Wars 2 based on the DayZ game id ( from twitch )

[ { "id": 65632, "category": 0, "collection": 4381, "cover": 46688, "created_at": 1505260800, "external_games": [ 123827, 1922802 ], "genres": [ 15 ], "keywords": [ 1669, 2071, 2385, 3782, 4985, 5191 ], "name": "Mafia Wars 2", "similar_games": [ 17613, 19404, 24620, 36269, 36346, 36553, 55036, 55590, 77597 ], "slug": "mafia-wars-2", "summary": "Zynga\u0027s latest facebook game", "tags": [ 268435471, 536872581, 536872983, 536873297, 536874694, 536875897, 536876103 ], "updated_at": 1598400000, "url": "", "checksum": "4d38552f-766b-86fc-8d5f-c0c9c1a79ecd" } ]

Solved !

I ended up just searching for DayZ
fields *; search “DayZ”; limit 50;

That’s because Twitch and IGDB use their own, separate, game id’s.

If you wish to query IGDB using a game ID from Twitch you need to use the External Game API as that way you can specify an ID, and which external provider (such as Twitch) that the ID is from.

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Refer to my comment on the earlier linked UserVoice

Worth noting you can do this from the IGDB side instead


With body:

fields *; where external_games.category = 14 & external_games.uid = "TWITCHGAMEID";
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@Dist & @BarryCarlyon Many thanks guys…
Did spot the enum for providers but for some reason I didnt even try that
Works perfect… Cheers :slight_smile:

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