Get geolocation of stream viewers

When I get streams through API - I can get viewer_count. But also I need to get more information about viewers - at least geolocation, also I would like to get user_id, username, etc… Is there has way to get this info?

You can’t access any info about viewers through the API other than the number watching the stream. A lot of apps use the undocumented chatters endpoint to get a list of users connected to chat for a channel, which can give a rough indication of viewers (this is what most ‘points’ systems use, and the margin of error can be calculated over time to see if it’s within an acceptable range).

There are some ways you can go about getting more info about actual viewers, but this requires the use of extensions as you could then somewhat calculate geolocation from the viewers IP connecting to your EBS (again, this gives only a vague idea of location, and proxies will throw this off), and you can get user ID from them authorising the extension to have that info. This method though requires both the streamer activate your extension, and the viewer authorising it (which is the most acceptable way to get the info you’re looking for, to get such user specific data without agreement of both streamer and viewer would be incredibly invasive)

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