Get list of clips created by my user

Is there a way to get all clips created by a specific user? I know there’s a way to get all clips designed FOR a broadcaster, but wasn’t sure how to get a list of clips CREATED by a specific broadcaster.

Secondly is there a webhook or event I can subscribe to whenever a specific user (my own) creates a clip?

My end goal would be to perform a specific action server side whenever my user creates a clip watching ANY channel.


Checking the docs: no

You would need a uservoice for this

No, A uservoice exists for this

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Darn okay. In that case it sounds like I’ll need to create some polling mechanism. What kind of sucks is it sounds like there isn’t an api endpoint for what I need and I’m not really a fan of scraping HTML for the data I need but so far that seems like my only option unless I can derive the data I need from the API.

I’ll create a user voice later today and see if that gets anywhere but gonna move ahead with web scraping unless someone has a good suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks @BarryCarlyon for the helpful info!

Thats basically against the (dev) TOS

And your mileage will vary.

@BarryCarlyon oh I wasn’t aware of that. Hmm okay. I was really hoping for a purely server side app/solution.

I guess another option to work with API is I can get a list of all the channels I’m following (and currently online), subscribe to an event On their channel so whenever a clip gets posted to their channel I can get the payload and grab the URL and see if the clip creator is me and do something with it.

Not really a huge fan of that solution due to the amount of api requests I’ll have to make depending on how many people I follow and who is online. Not sure if this is better or worse than WebScraping lol.

Is it possible to see what channel I’m currently viewing in the API? If so maybe I can make it smarter and only look for new clips posted by me based on the channel I’m currently viewing.

Also not sure if this matters but this is just a tool I was writing for myself to help me manage my clips better, I don’t plan to release it. Would webscraping be allowed if this is an internal tool only ran by me just scraping my own user profile?


I’m not a lawyer!

@BarryCarlyon ha fair enough. I upvoted your uservoice and left a comment. Thanks for your help!

I’ll toy around with multiple solutions and see what’s up

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