Get List of Drops (Entitlements) for a Game?

I am using the TwitchLib nuget package and I want to retrieve a list of drops (entitlements) for a specified game.

I have got the TwitchLib api working as I can get a list of user streams and check if they are online or not.

But I want to use the Helix.Entitlements endpoint to get a list of drops for a game. I thought I could do this using the GetDropsEntitlementsAsync method. I was getting the following message when I tried to use it.

Your request failed because either: 1. Your ClientID was invalid/not
set. 2. Your refresh token was invalid. 3. You requested a username
when the server was expecting a user ID.

This is the code I am using

var gamesResponse = await TwitchApi.Api.Helix.Games.GetGamesAsync(gameNames: new List<string> { "Halo Infinite" });
var entitlementsResponse = await TwitchApi.Api.Helix.Entitlements.GetDropsEntitlementsAsync(gameId: gamesResponse.Games.FirstOrDefault().Id);

I tried passing in my accounts id as the userId parameter

I checked out the offical documentation for this endpoint and it seems that you might need to own the game to be able to use this endpoint, which I don’t. So I’m thinking this endpoint might not be the correct one to use.

If I log on to Twitch and visit the drops page I can see the exact data I want for the game I want. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get a list of drops for a game?


There is no endpoint for “randoms” to get this data.

Additionally the endpoint you are trying to use is the endpoint to return what people have been awarded/redeemed. Not the list of drops that exist.

There isn’t one for drops that exist.

By doing this:

Thats too bad, was hoping I could just get a list of available drops for a game.

It’s likely not available to prevent farming, and leaks.

And to allow game devs to publicise their games and drops programs how they see fit.

But if its available on this page Twitch which I can view once I login I dont see how it would be a negative thing to allow that same data to be available on an endpoint.

Then create a uservoice requesting this functionality.

Okay, will do. Thanks for your time :+1:

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