Get List of Streams under Category

Is there any way I can get a list of all the users streaming for a game? Ex. CSGO. I want to be able to get a list of all the channels currently streaming for a specific game. Thanks!

Nevermind, for all of those who are interested you can just do a GET request using this url- You can set the query parameters to whatever you like. The one I found most useful is the limit, which tells you the max amount of channels you want to get.

Check out Video search by game name

These will probably give you a better result.

Don’t use that API as well, since

a) it’s undocumented
b) it’s CS GO only
c) it’s undocumented
d) Use the proper API as @matt_thomas linked
e) did I mentioned it was undocumented and could change at any point?

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