Get Live Channels with Extension Activated does not return anything

Over the past years there’s been a lot of posts concerning this endpoint, but none are up-to-date:
According to the reference the endpoint should return live streams that are running the extension.
The returned array is empty for our extension (you need to add the client id to the header, but then you can reproduce with this url).
But, there are actually streams running even when this endpoint returns nothing. We know this because there’s a second way to get this information, and we are currently falling back to it: getting streams and querying by channel-IDs (that we have in our DB). This is in no way scalable though because query parameters are not unlimited.

A fix would be super appreciated, or maybe something the reference doesn’t mention but we forgot to do to get the endpoint to work?

thanks in advance

This is super odd, I did a handful of testing on a few extensions.

Mine seem ok, as does some others, for yours I’m getting a 401 Error. I’ll ding this to someone but Twitch might not get a hold of it to investigate till later today

Edit: seems I’m now getting a blank channels array

Do you have a required configuration segment?
it looks like this issue:

just to be sure I understand you correctly, you mean if this is set? :

If so, then yes, this issue might be the same as the one mentioned in the github issue you referenced.

Yes, looks like you have the same issue as I got at some point

Since the issue on Github has already been given a ticket number, does this mean twitch is working on a fix? If so, there’s no ETA, right? The ticket was created in March and there hasn’t been an update since then.

This bug exists for more than a year, before the github tracker was created.
At the moment, it means Twitch is aware of the issue but we don’t have more information if they are working on a fix, have an ETA, etc