"Get Live Channels with Extension Activated" returning channels without extension activated

Today we noticed that the Get Live Channels with Extension Activated endpoint started to return channels where the extension is not activated at around 17:30 UTC (today). We’re suspecting the endpoint is now returning channels where the extension is installed, rather than activated. I checked the docs, but don’t see any change there.

As we’re prototyping on better setup feedback with a confirmation message once the streamer has successfully activated their extension, we can no longer differentiate between installs/activations.

Could we get confirmation whether this is an intentional change?

I know they were in read only maintainence around about then and make still be doing stuff and things to it

but they say all done

Looking at my own Extension I am seeing the same.

Channels that have the extension installed but not active in a slot are showing up.

(Mines game specific so I’m testing the game returned by the call)


runs off and cries

Oh wait 23 installs on also live channels…

This is not an intentional change. A number of internal structural changes were made this morning. We are investigating whether this end point is still working as designed. Please bear with us!

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Thank for the prompt reply!

Please try now, a fix for the issue has been deployed.

Seems gooder.

Back to no one in my list cries

(coz there is no one live with it activated :stuck_out_tongue: )

Update: no it’s not working. It shows NO ONE LIVE and at least one person is live with the extension is activated right now. As I can see them ticking in my EBS and I checked their channel page and it’s there.

I use it here https://twitch.extensions.barrycarlyon.co.uk/elitetrack/ to see whom is live with the extension activated (and their channel game set to Elite) And right now the only streamer live with the extension active is not in the list. Seems to be more broken now

Thanks for the attempted fix, but we now seem to getting bareley any channels from the endpoint anymore - I’m only seeing 3 right now, whereas looking through channels manually I’m seeing a lot more that are not appearing, even though they have the extension activated on their channel and used to apppear before the issue yesterday.

I’ve verified we’re correctly using pagination, the endpoint we’re hitting does simply not seem to offer any more pages since a cursor property is missing in the payload.

Having the same issue, currently seeing zero active users where it should be ~30ish

My apologies. Investigating (again). I will let you know what shakes out.

i reported that on twitter already, but just for compelteness: api responds with wrong channel-lists:
an overview can be found here: http://streambuff.com/
Basically all extensions should have significantly more channels listed…

Thank you for bearing with us! Another fix has been pushed out. Please let us know if you continue to see issues.

Thanks, all looks good again now!

It’s still not working properly

Interesting. What are you seeing?

It’s not listing all channels that are live and have activated the extension. There are missing channels. When I look through some live channels on twitch which have activated my extension, I see that at least 6 channels are missing on the api list.