Get most followed channels

How can I get the top 1000 most followed channels?
I tried this: ‘
but it only returns channels that are online, I want offline channels as well.

There isn’t an end point to return channels by follow order.

I suppose you’ve had to poll the live stream end point for the duration of a week and collect that data yourself

Wow… can’t believe such an important endpoint doesn’t exist.

It’s rather expensive to obtain “all users sorted by follow count”

And this would seem to be the first time it’s come up that I know of. So not many people consider it important.

Whats your use case for obtaining this information?

I wanted to create a leaderboard with the most followed streamers.


Follows after a certain point become not as relevant as watching/viewer counts.

So stats sites that aggregate this sort of data either score on viewer counts, or other metrics like follow change.

This sort of data is somewhat straight forward and aggregate if you pull all the live streams and store/update over time, as a offline channel that never streams you probably don’t want to include in your board

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Yeah, that makes sense.

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