Get multiple channels like you can with streams

Would it be possible to be able to get multiple channels in a single call like you can with streams?

The issue is getting information about multiple channels that are not online. Right now if you want to get info about 10 channels you would have to make 10 separate calls.

I don’t understand the reasoning in the post. I can do this just fine with the current API it just takes a long time because I have to do a separate a request for each channel.

Additional requests don’t cause that much overhead or even take very long if you reuse the connections between requests.

Yes, that’s my point. There are many way you can achieve this already so why not just have it in the API for convenience?

I don’t know how the API backend works exactly, but single channel json can be cached as a whole while a reply with multiple channels would have to be constructed specifically for each request.

Can’t you just send multiple cached channels as a single response?

You can, but the json needs to be constructed specifically for the request from the cached pieces.

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