Get number of followers and subscribers with the new API

I am currently using the v3 version of the API and am busy migrating to “The New Twitch API” as both v3 and v5 are deprecated.
Additionally, now that streamers can be affiliates, it will return 0 for their subscriber count as this is not in the v3 API (AFAIK).

I would like to query the number of followers and subscribers as you can with v3, but there does not seem an endpoint to do this, only the viewcount using the /users endpoint. Am I overlooking something, and if not is it a planned feature?


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For followers you can use the total field from<user_id>

Subscribers are not supported in Helix (“The new API”) yet.


Thanks for your reply. I do not see the sub count on the Trello roadmap, I will look into making a suggestion.

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