Get online followers with id's

Hi Guys,

I’m new here. I hope it’s not question asked every day, because i haven’t found the answer.
I have a little question - is it possible to get list of followers watching my stream with their ids?
I know how to list followers -[CHANNELNAME]/follows or how to list users in the chat -[CHANNELNAME]/chatters but the second option doesn’t have user id’s which i would like to have. can someone help here ? :slight_smile:

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Chatters is not part of the Kraken API, and as such is unsupported/could change/disappear at any point for any reason without notice.

To get the channel ID, you would nee to use the Kraken API request using the chatter name as the channel name, so something like this would work:{chattername}

Hello yendruh,

As you allready said you can pull a Chatters list at[CHANNELNAME]/chatters

Pull a list of Chatters and for every name you can run a check at[USER]/follows/[CHANNELNAME]
If the user is following the Channel you can visit[USER] and get the “_id” value, done!

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