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Hi everyone,

in V5 the API response for a video contained the different qualities (resolution/fps arrays). The new Helix API does not contain that info.

Am I missing something or is it not yet implemented (or even planned)? I think for various tools out there it would be very valuable to show the user what qualities he can choose from.

Thanks for any information on the matter :slight_smile:

It is not currently implemented, and this is the first feedback I’ve heard about wanting it! If you could let us know your use case, that’d really help us decide if/when we should add it to the Video API :slight_smile:


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Thx for your answer.

I am developing a Windows application where many parts act like a “Twitch browser”. Users can “browse” the videos/highlights/uploads of different streamers and manage them with advanced filters (like date from/to and so on). Every information of the videos is shown (views, the game, date,…) and you can jump into the browser and watch the video with a single click.

Adding the quality information was one of the most wanted features in the beginning, so I am really surprised nobody asked for it yet. Users just want to see if it’s 720p or FullHD and if it runs on 30 or 60fps before they click on it and open the browser.

My app counts >20k downloads a month and I kinda see a shitstorm incoming if I switch to Helix and remove the quality info :slight_smile:

So yes, you have my vote!

Fantastic, thank you so much for this detailed response. I’ll let the team know so we can properly prioritize this discussion!

Cool, thx and much appreciated :slight_smile:

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