Get stream title when stream is offline

Hello! I’m moving my project to new twitch api from kraken to helix. But now with new api I can’t get channel info (title, game name) when stream is offline (e.g. get info about last stream). Old api (v3 and v5) has method which contains info about channel title and selected game name,
but new api can return game name and channel title only when stream is online (I try to use method to get it) otherwise it’s return just empty array.
So how can I do it? Sometimes streamer can change stream title or game in advance before starting and I want to catch this changes.

You can only do it by fetching from v3/v5 kraken. It’s not available in Helix/New API at this time

This is strange. Is there anywhere to leave a request for the addition of new api methods? Because sooner or later the kraken will be deprecated and disabled…

It has been request previously, but I don’t believe there’s much demand for it as the use cases are quite limited.

We third party devs, expect Helix to have feature parity before Kraken is removed.

Right now they cancelled the Kraken Removal date. So it’s here for the forseeable right now…

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