Get Stream Window?!

Hello, you all know the Twitch Alerts that appear when someone donates. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check this link:

Anyway, how do I do something like this? I would like to create a program, which (f.e.) shows a picture on the top right corner in my stream when i click a button. Basically I need 2 things:

-The Stream Window (so I know where to place the picture in this window)
-Something that allows me to actually make the picture appear in the screen.

I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you

/EDIT: i stumbled across this API: which is nice but probably not 100% what I need. I don’t want to make alerts but more like a textfield with a picture in the stream for x seconds.

Start researching CLR, how to trigger it and using it with obs.

Few helpful links to get you started, but far from the complete answer. Will get you started though.

Link 1

Link 2

Overall this isn’t really a twitch api question however.

I agree with gabe you should probably look into CLR with OBS.

You could make a simple local website to manage the content of the CLR so when you press a button in your browser a panel on your stream get updated with whatever content you feed it.

Thanks for the answers but it’s not exactly what I was looking for. Your solution requires OBS and its plugin. What I exactly need is a direct access to the streaming window. Let’s say…the streamer presses a button and automatically a text pop-up shows up in the stream. He can’t hide it…because it’s not a “view” you can move around (i mean the different views you can create with obs and then show or hide them).

I hope you know what I mean.

Um - I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at. Twitchalerts system uses CLR and provides that functionality. More So you can use their api to do custom alerts using their system.

hm, but a streamer can hide the alerts even tho they happen…he needs to make an alert field with OBS. Do you know what I mean? English is not my native language so I don’t really know how else to explain it :confused:

If you stream with OBS for example, you need to make a game view…then maybe a chat view…an alert view etc…a face cam view. And if I use their alert API for example or CLR etc I also need to create a view for it…and that’s not what I want. I basically just want to create a picture at stream window x coordinate 70 and y 80 … so the streamer has no influence on this.

Other than hardbaking it into the overly image I don’t really see how its possible without injecting code into obs and that’s out of my reach and probably has some sort of infringement against it. Maybe developing your own obs addon could be q way to achieve it but once again that’s beyond my scope of understanding. Wish I could be more help

Alright so I didn’t wanna delete the previous posts or even make them…so sorry for the tripple post.
I checked out the CLR Browser Plugin and I guess it’s what I need even tho it’s not perfect. I hoped for something that would work with any streaming software…but this doesnt exist and the twitch API does not offer it.

The twitch api has nothing to do with the streamers “display”. All aspects of what is shown on a stream is done locally before transmission of the data to twitch. They provide information about the stream and data points concerning yours and other peoples channels, ingest points for transmission and certain other things but not local aesthetics produced by the streamer, their broadcast software and, any add-ons created to help the stream be more “viewer friendly”.

With that said it does (twitch api) provide endpoints in which add-ons (like clr) can trigger certain effects off of that can display on the stream.

What you were asking for is something that twitch itself doesn’t provide - only third party engineers provide this; even if some of their features do trigger off endpoints twitch provided.

On a side note - I got an email with your past message and if you’re using twitch alerts you can see whether or not their service triggered the alert to display when you reicieve the json data saying it was successful(cant remember it offhand), but Tha does not mean it actually displayed on stream due to unforseen circumstances - like human error in setup of the clr or dataloss/corruption during processing (this is the internet and Tha does happen from time to time, but the guys at twitch alerts and twitch work damn hard to minimize this).

So yea you’ll know if it happened server side, not whether it actually displayed directly on the stream. Once again, to get this info, you’ll probably have to inject or create an add-on for obs or whatever streaming software you use to recognise it.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Okay thank you. And dont worry you are helping. Which endpoints is OBS using or CLR? I just need to find a way to display something in the stream without using OBS or basically something that works independent from any streaming software. Do you have any idea where to find people who can code smthg like this?

What people see is being streamed but what if the text I want to display is not being streamed…like the twitchadvertsiment…they are also not streamed…but just displayed.

Technically you can use any Twitch API endpoint to trigger clr if you were so inclined, it’s just a matter of programmatically implementing the trigger - so to answer this, pretty much any.

As for displaying something on the screen without using obs or something similar to capture it, honestly I have no clue. I’ve only streamed a few times and just for fun so it’s not my area. I’m sure there are people out there that would be able to do something like this.

If this is possible it’s either coming down to injection, an addon or a source in your streaming software of choice - and the first of which is done in memory; anybody that’s ever dabbled in c++ knows is tricky business to manipulate, it is - by nature - volatile and as such doesn’t respond well to unexpected changes esp in data that’s in use.

If you’re talking about the same functionality as advertisements, there is functionality for that within the API, however, it doesn’t allow you to manipulate the content, just trigger the advertisement etc. If you’re looking for that sort of functionality I HIGHLY doubt you’ll be able to do it on twitch’s service other than contacting their sales team or something similar and purchasing advertisement ‘airtime / plays’ etc.

Twitch provides a service that allows people to broadcast to their servers, it’s then processed and displayed (it’s more technical than that but that is the gist.) Nothing other than what was captured and transferred from the broadcaster will not be displayed in the player (bar advertisements) - and the way in which you capture and send data to this service is by using capture & broadcast software (obs etc).

Twitch doesn’t actually ‘change’ the video coming from the broadcaster to you via the player (at least not directly, indirectly via encoding and bit rates blah blah), they just place a frame over the top, mute the stream - that’s still playing in the background - and display an advertisement over the top, or at least that’s how it seems.

So to summarize -

1 - No, you cannot adjust or manipulate the advertisement or its functionality in anyway via the API.
2 - No, injection isn’t a thing you should do, but it is possible.
3 - Yes, Add Ons are a possibility if you want to hard-bake advertisements into streams bypassing Twitches system (not advised) and I doubt you’ll EVER get a streamer that would install such an add-on unless it benefitted their wallet.
4 - Yes, You could do this with CLR but once again, you run into the issue of the broadcaster changing things and also you would have no control over volume levels (or at least I don’t think so).

On top of this, you can - and broadcasters do - implement advertising boards that rotate images or video that plays within their overlays somewhere. Usually this is due to some sort of sponsorship and they’ve already or are going to be paid for it being there. Go to any pro players stream on league of legends and you’ll see advertisements hard-baked into their streams overlays.

One last thing, if you have your own custom built broadcasting software that is designed to trigger advertisements and mute stream and cover it in a frame that displays the advert or and image or whatever you want to display (much like twitch’s system), then that is possible, but once again I doubt you will get any streamer to use it unless there was something in it for them.

Hope this helped - Bed time now


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