Get Team members


I am wondering if there is an existing endpoint that allows you to get the members of a Team in Helix or even Kraken API?

I am aware of the following link, which unfortunately appears to no longer work:

I am also aware of the following Kraken endpoint to get Team data, but this doesn’t seem to include the actual Team members:

Other than manually scraping the front end Team URL (e.g., is there any way to get a list of a Team’s members?


Make sure you’re using v5 of the API, the users array doesn’t seem to be included otherwise.

Thanks @Dist - I had never realised, when reading the Kraken API docs, that it actually covered two different versions of the API. I have now tried the request whilst specifying the v5 header and there they are! Many thanks.

I’m trying to display the team page for my team on our website, is there any sort of guide on how i could do this?
I want the same effects of doing like an iframe but to display our twitch team page on our website.
You both seem to know what you’re doing so hopefully someone can help me.

Hey Ben I would recommend making your own separate thread for better visibility.

It may be worth putting in that thread why just using an iframe as you say will not be suitable.

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