Get the ID of a single game

Hi all,

What is the easiest / quickest way to get 1 id for 1 game?
I’m creating a list of games I stream regularly (or want to stream) and I need the Twitch ID of those.

There must be some trick to see that ID somewhere on Twitch right?!
Really hope I don’t need to query or search for things through the API.

Have a good weekend folks.

Call the games API

With the title of the game you are looking for

Search Categories may also be of use

aight… sooo, no list then ;).
Supersecret game_ids only behind authentication!

sarcasm aside, if that’s the only way, it’s the only way :).

Thnx for your reply Barry!

All Endpoints require Authentication.

Generally you can use an “App Access Token” for Server to server requests, which can be generated automatically, (no need to use auth)

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