Get tops clips of all twitch clips (independent games/streamers)


I am new in the forum and working with the twitch api, so sorry if my question is pretty basic or wrong located >_<

I want to fetch the top clips of twitch (of a day, for example), independent of game/s and streamer/s. Is that possible?

I don’t see the url or params to do it on helix ( but I think it was (or still is?) possible in kraken ( - not worked for me.


Did you get a 404?

If so, you need to set a V5 header. As v3 is the default

curl -H 'Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json' \
-H 'Client-ID: uo6dggojyb8d6soh92zknwmi5ej1q2' \
-X GET ''

Yes, I received 404. With the V5 header works nice :smile:

Thanks @BarryCarlyon

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