Get user language or country with API?

Is it possible to get the prefered language for a user? In my user object there is no language. Is there a way to get it?

The only language in the api is the language of the broadcast. Not their preferred. Nor country is provided.

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Generally speaking websites will use browser technology/detection to determine the language of a user for translation display purposes.

So if your intent is to show your website in a relevant language after login you would use that

A quick google throws this back

If it’s an extension the language is passed as a query string parameter as well

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Thx. I already get the browser language and have a language selector on my page. I also wanted to get the language the user selected at twitch. For example an english speaker can also stream in another language. But I dont really need this. It was just an idea, if it would be easy. But I will forget the idea :slight_smile: thx

The broadcasters language for the stream != the users language/country

The language is included in the streams and get channels response

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