Get user name from user id?

Is it possible to get more data about the user from their opaque id (or if necessary their regular id)? I need a user handle / user name.

No it’s Opaque.

Yes, if you have identity sharing enabled and the user shares their identity you then have the users Twitch ID, which you can then use against the API

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Please don’t confuse OP with a feature request… on a help request

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You can get the name easily by using the module twitch-api-v5

var api = require('twitch-api-v5');
api.clientID = 'Twitch app client-id';
api.users.userByID({ userID: '12826' }, (err, res) => {
    if(err) {
    } else {
        /* Example response
            display_name: 'Twitch',
            _id: '12826',
            name: 'twitch',
            type: 'user',

You can’t if you don’t have the user sharing their TwitchID to start with. As per my original reply to OP.

And I also linked to the relevant Docs in my original Reply

Good point. Sorry. Post deleted.