Get Videos By Game Id Limiting result to 600


I am making a call to GetVideos New Twitch API endpoint:

I am getting a maximum of 600 videos returned. Even when passing the cursor, it still seems to max out at 600. I do not see anything in the New Twitch API documentation indicating there is a limit (especially this low)?

Any thoughts?

Thanking you in advance!

What are the parameters you are passing to the end point?


I am calling the following url with query parameters:
First Call to API:

Subsequent Calls to API (including cursor from previous response):

Thank you for your help!

The v5 API for Get Top Videos does limit to a maximum offset of 500 (plus another 100 is 600). Perhaps there is a limit and Kraken doesn’t have it documented.


Is there a recommended way that you are aware of to get ahold of a Twitch engineer to validate the limitation?

Thank you!

I am not aware of how to get the attention of a Twitch engineer directly, unfortunately.

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