Get who's watching your stream at the moment

Can I get data of who is watching my stream? I know that I can see who’s connected to my chat, but is that list the same as concurrent viewers?

I want to see the usernames of who’s watching my stream at the moment (of course, when I’m live).


That information is not provided on any Twitch API Endpoint.

Feel free to refer to UserVoice to request the feature!

But how can, for example, show a list of who’s in the chat? (if I’m not wrong, the list updates itself live).

Well, if there’s no way I’ll use UserVoice

“Who’s in chat” does not equal “viewers”. The former is available on a frequently-used, undocumented (and thus unsupported, may change at any point in time without notice) Endpoint.

The latter is not available.

That makes sense, thanks.

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