Getting 400 Bad Request when updating channel status


I’m currently trying to implement a method in a C# client application that allows a user to update their channel status & game at any time. Here is what I’m doing:

  • Application authenticates with Twitch using the ‘channel_editor’ scope (along with a couple other scopes)
  • Application creates a PUT WebRequest object with the OAuth token in the request header and a serialized JSON channel object in the request body
  • Sample request body: {“channel”:{“status”:“test channel status”,“game”:“Minecraft”}}
  • WebRequest Accept header set to “application/vnd.twitchtv.v2+json”
  • WebRequest Content-type header set to “application/json”

When I send this request, I get a 400 Bad Request response, which I think indicates that something in my request wasn’t set properly or the body of the request couldn’t be parsed correctly. Is there something I’m missing or doing incorrectly?


Jason (zclay32)

Are you setting the Content-Length header? I don’t see it mentioned in your post so that may be the issue.

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The Content-Length is automatically set when I set the request stream for the WebRequest object. However! That led me to the problem: the stream I was writing out wasn’t using the correct encoding. :smile: Once I changed it to use UTF8Encoding, it worked perfectly!

For those who are curious as to what the correct way is to set the request stream, here you go:

HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);
string postData = "{\"channel\":{\"status\":"test channel status\",\"game\":\"Minecraft\"}}";
// Set headers, method here
UTF8Encoding encoding = new UTF8Encoding();
byte[] utfBytes = encoding.GetBytes(postData);
using (Stream dataStream = request.GetRequestStream())
	dataStream.Write(utfBytes, 0, utfBytes.Length);
// Send the request!