Getting a message on my embeds that goes away after a while


So just to be sure, the target of the change was adblock and this is not the intended outcome for embeds correct?

Yes to number 1, no to number 2. Yes, this change addresses an adblocking concern and it’s effect on the Twitch viewing experience, but showing the message in all embeds was the intended effect in order to address it.

To confirm, there is work being done to see what can be done to mitigate the negative impacts the change has on embed however there is no clear timeline for when it may be resolved?

Teams are investigating if and how the adblocking concerns can be addressed while also mitigating the effect on all embeds. There is no further commitment or timeline at the moment.

This message doesn’t show up on twitch itself, so if the target is ad blockers why show it specifically on embeds?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide an answer to this question publicly.


people will see the message and they won’t have any indication that the message will go away at all and leave the page

This is great feedback and I will mention this in case there is an opportunity to update the message and/or provide such an indicator.