Getting a message on my embeds that goes away after a while

I was hoping the pop up would pre-empt the giant purple screen and it is insanely annoying that it doesn’t. If they don’t want people using embeds, just tell us you’re cancelling embeds. Having this pop up every 10 minutes is making my viewers furious.

I’d go the route of an API and logging in to see if that resolves it, but I’m at a loss for doing anything beyond html. I’ll spend many hours trying to learn a new skill if I can be given a clear answer from twitch that “yes, if you login via API on your embed page, those messages will cease”.

Yes, if the plan is to disable embeds entirely, please give a clear answer on that. Local embeds were disabled many months ago without notice…so my guess @Todd_Huish is that they’re going to disable them entirely without notice based on this historical cancellation of local embeds.

That/the parent required change was announced here

Remindered here

First announced Feb 2020, follow up announced May 2020, Actioned June 2020.

The reminder was also announced on Twitter

You missed the announcement.

Is there any update on the purple screen showing on Embed websites?
It is hurting our users experience.
Please provide some info about this as this is goes on for almost 2 months.


Reply/post 15 in this thread provides the additional information you requested

So is the message to developers who would embed streams in environments where clicking thru either defeats the purpose of the site (SaltyBet, MultiTwitch, etc) or is impossible (signage, in-game embeds, etc), as many have outlined here, just “use a different streaming platform, as our embeds are intentionally unreliable and frustrating and there are no plans to change this”?



Yes to number 1, no to number 2. Yes, this change addresses an adblocking concern and it’s effect on the Twitch viewing experience, but showing the message in all embeds was the intended effect in order to address it.

Wow. This is quite disappointing. It’s like Twitch is intentionally sabotaging their embeds to solve a problem which doesn’t exist (since they show this even with adblocker off on embeds).

Why would future developers trust your platform and even use your embeds if you are going to intentionally break their tools despite them not using ad blocker? I understand embeds are provided at mercy of the platform but there should at least be a bit of discussion with the community before making such breaking changes.

It’s actually quite wild and unbelievable that I am even typing this because the response of breaking developer tools is “It was intentional”.


The issue does exist, and the purple screen does prevent one style of ad blocker. The downside though is that to prevent that type of ad blocker they show the purple screen to ALL embed users for technical reasons.

We don’t know exactly what the impact of the users of that type of ad blocker was, but as this purple screen persists when Twitch know the impact it has on legitimate users must mean that at least in Twitch’s eyes the harm caused to Twitch by that ad blocker justified to them the use of such measures that hurt the legitimate developer community and the users of our sites and services.

It seems that “Technical Difficulties” is being used as the messaging for why this is happening, but in reality the difficulties are in monetization and not technical in nature.

I prefer the old embed behaviour and I would have preferred to have been notified.

This current approach feels like a rude hint, but it it is not too late for a blunt message, which I would prefer to such a severe limbo state.


Hi there, I wanted to share my frustrations with this approach.

I have my twitch channel embedded on my webpage, no adblockers installed, and I get this purple screen really often - about adblockers. Which I’m not using.

This should really be disabled until Twitch figures out the right way to target adblock users. I don’t care what the technical or business reasons are, this should have been rolled back as soon as this issue was reported.

If the intended goal was to tell people with adblockers to knock it off, then this is a technical failure since people without adblockers are getting it.

If the intended goal was to tell everybody, regardless of adblockers, that they shouldn’t be using adblockers, then this is a business failure because that’s incredibly stupid.

It’s very reminiscent of watching unskippable anti-piracy messages on DVDs that I legally rented/owned. It’s obnoxious and everybody hates it. I hate it as a user, I’m sure you hate having to respond to the upset users, who on earth wants this?

Whatever suit demanded this clearly didn’t have the repercussions explained to them. Please take whoever demanded this and make them try watching an embedded stream, so they can authorize whatever budget/manpower is needed to roll this back.


agreed. Punishing innocent users and developers who aren’t using adblocker is plain stupid.

I got this for the first time in my life today but it was when I was in my Stream Manager. I did recently have to reinstall everything because I got a new harddrive so I did disable my ad-blocker. But I continued to receive this message after disabling it and refreshing the page. Does my own stream manager (while I’m streaming) count as being embedded??

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This is by far the stupidest thing Twitch can do to its business.

I’m a normal user who isn’t using any adblocks or anything. If you wanna monetize so badly, do it.
Don’t punish your existing users, who aren’t getting in your way in any way. You will end up losing a lot of money instead.

Roll this back and any user who has disabled adblock for Twitch or isn’t using adblock at all should never have to view that annoying purple screen ever again!

Clearly you guys have noobs working in this department of yours that came up with this decision.

And worst of all, you guys haven’t even given a straight answer that you’re actually gonna fix this or not.
You’re just saying “All users regardless of using adblock or not are affected” DUH! WE KNOW!

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Hi! I am getting this message while watching streams directly on I never got this message before, it started around 9 AM EST on 2/25. I have adblockers, but they have whitelisted so I’ve always seen ads previously. Why did this suddenly start happening? How do I make it stop? Its infuriating and makes channels that I can’t monetarily support by subscribing unwatchable.


Fully disable your adblocker, then reload the page.

This suggests you didn’t allowlist everything/the relevant things that need to be allowlisted

Or one of your other browser extensions updated and is messing with the player

Hello dear twitch users,

I am not a native english speaker so I don’t understand what “embed” means.
All I know is that I have been facing this problem since today watching streams directly on Twitch and as soon as I read it, I disabeled my adblockers for and yet, I keep having this frustrating screen.

What are the concrete steps to get rid of it? If the problem is not on my side, when will it end? (I am honestly already sick of it, sorry for the blunt speach) 25 February

Update 26 February : I have noticed you added a timer to let us know how long the purple screen will last but when it hits 0, it restarts from 30 seconds 3 to 4 times. Please just make it stop, one day is enough to tell people to shut down their addblockers.

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You may have a misconfigured adblocker that is still affecting the Twitch page installed - refer to this for some more information:

Are there any updates on this? I wasn’t experiencing this last year but recently it’s been really bothering me and my experience. As a developer this is something that shouldn’t be released until it gets perfected or at least less of a nuisance.

Will this resolve the purple screen thing? It’s been bothering me for a while now. I wasn’t getting purple screened before.