Getting Current Streamer and Viewer Count Per Game


Is there similar functionality in helix to the endpoint in version 5 to Would love to save API requests to get the total number of channels and viewers.

I am working on a little side project and I was looking to see how I could get the current number of channels streaming a game and the total count of viewers across all channels.

I see in version 5 of the API if I called the games reference endpoint it would return the top games and keys for the number of channels and the number of viewers.

Looking at the new version/helix I do not see the same functionality. I have implemented the same functionality calling the Get top games endpoint, using the cursor to make recursive calls to get a list of all the games being played. I store those in a database.

I then call the get streamers endpointfor each game id and resursivley call that endpoint for each cursor but as you can imagine this is a lot of HTTP calls. Doing it synchronously takes a long time, async I run into rate limit issues.

Long way to ask is there an endpoint in helix I am missing that returns the total streamers and viewers for each game without having to make so many requests?


Here is my solution


Get Top Games, then load a chunk of pages from Get Streams and math up the viewers and stop after 10/20 pages or so.


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