Getting date someone subscribed

I am trying to get the date that someone sub’s to a stream using php.

I am using the following function, but it keeps return Unauthorized. This is where I call the function. I know that the token and username are correct, but I still get unauthorized. Thanks, Avery.

Which scope did you request? and for which Twitch account (broadcaster or subscriber)?

My scopes: user_read channel_subscriptions
I am also getting the subscribers account. Do I need to add a scope?

Per the documentation for the endpoint you are using:

GET /channels/:channel/subscriptions/:user

Returns a subscription object which includes the user if that user is subscribed. Requires authentication for :channel.

Authenticated, required scope: channel_check_subscription

I changed the scope, and it is still giving me unauthorized. Could I be calling something wrong?

I do not think it is scope, since I used all scopes and it still does not work.

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