Getting error with embedding clips despite using parent options


I’m attempting to render a twitch clip on my site and keep getting stuck.

I’m getting the error: " Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’. "

I’ve set multiple parents to the embed url and I’m still getting an error.

I’m replicating my issue here (since twitch requires an SSL enabled site) :

Code sandbox replicating the code on the above site:

Thank you in advance!

There is no Embed on the linked page

And I don’t know what to do on this tool to figure out how to make it go

Is login locked

For the heroku site, it is a file uploader To use it, upload any image, and also paste in a twitch link to a clip.

I’ve been using this one: Twitch

This is the basic code:

my function convertTwitchClip - outputs a string in the correct format:

Twitch Error

To use the tool, that link should work. You might have to make a free account first? IF you are in it, click “run” at the top and then use the display on the right sidebar


well theres you problem

parent should be a list of domains. not page URL’s

So the parent should be just and and any other iframes in the tree

should i include it without the www. as well?

Also, when the clip is rendered the current url is

should i include the upload or no?

Just domains

You might need to include both.

The parent needs to include the top level domain and whatever iframes are in the DOM that the embedded clip is in

So you could do


To have both variants if you site works on both www and non www

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Thank you! That solved my issue!

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