Getting followers via API

I am writing a greasemonkey script and I need to fetch the current follower count from the api.

Twitch.api.get("channels/target").done(function(channel){ console.log(channel); });

When the above line is entered into console, it spits out an object that contains a lot of information, but not all of the information contained in the channel object, including the follower count.

Is this behavior intended?

you can get the current follower count by calling

Twitch.api.get(“channels/:name/follows”).done(function(channel){ console.log(channel._total); });

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You’re pulling the entire channel object, so you need to grab the followers from the output object.

Twitch.api.get("channels/:name").done(function(channel){ console.log(channel.followers); });

@night the Channel object does not have a followers property according to my Firefox Element Inspecter

If you’re looking for total amount of channels followed, Freddy was correct.

If you want to know how many objects are in the follows array that was returned. Then do this.

Twitch.api.get(“channels/:name/follows”).done(function(json){ console.log(json.follows.length); });

EDIT: changed “channels array” to “follows array” and “of followers” to “of channels followed,”

Hi Freddy,

how would a websites code look like, that simply has the number of followers as an output? (I am no Developer, thus it would be nice to have a noobfriendly explanation)
I want to generate a website that displays the number of followers as text to embed that then into a costom command of the nightbot.

greetz, Frank